Baby Hazel Differences

Find-the-differences games are the classic choices when it comes to puzzle games at Friv land. This time, a new game where you can have fun with Baby Hazel while searching for differences is here! The game follows the simple and classic rules. The players will start off the game with two pictures side by side. These two looks kinda like each other, but there are small details which are different. Can you locate all these tiny spots?

While some of them are fun designs for you to play with, the others can be a certain object that only one frame has. This kind of puzzle game can be fun and educational for the kids at because they can improve and train the observation and concentration skills. Moreover, patience is also an important prerequisite. Don't be mad if you can't find any!

Keep searching every nook and cranny with your eagle eyes! A total of 10 levels and 7 differences is available for free so that you can freely discover the game. The toughest part of the game is probably the time limit. For each level, you only have 60 seconds to locate 7 differences. Should you fail to find them within this limited time, you will have to play the level again.

Can you move up to the highest levels? These pictures of Hazel are adorable and carefully drawn along with smooth lines and bright color palette. Experience other types of puzzle games such as Disney College First Ball and Princess Circus Getaway with your friends for free as well! 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to choose the differences.