Xmas Draw

Xmas Draw is a relatively easy-to-understand game that kids of all ages can enjoy this Christmas and share with their families! You will control the little stickman and make a path that is safe for him. But it's not just about avoiding the obstacles and keeping the stickman intact. You also have to gather all the gifts and presents that scattered around the blank sheet. The maximum numbers of presents per level are three of them. Can you successfully collect them all without wasting a single drop of ink?

It's very important that you use the least ink to draw the shortest path possible. There is a calculator at the corner of the screen in this Friv fun game to measure the length of your drawn path. A tip for the newcomers is to pick a straight line instead of a curvy road to cut down on the ink used. Also, on some levels, obstacles such as the cactus will make it harder for you to draw a short path. In such cases, your priority is to reach the destination to move onto the next stage! 

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Instruction to play:

Drag and release the mouse to draw your line.