Lion Hunter

Tackle the tasks of a Lion Hunter in this cool first person game where you are allowed to use all of your knowledge on shooting. It's time to channel your inner shooter while conquering this Friv shooting game. The setting is created based on a virtual jungle where you will find different types of animals.

Since the lions are terrorizing your poor little sheep, it's time you made a move in order to stop those cruel animals. The only weapon that you are going to get in this game is nothing more than a powerful rifle. Coming up with the best way to take advantage of it so as to carry out the task will be totally up to you.

First, you can observe the terrain using the telescopic. This equipment will also come handy when you need to zoom in for the perfect shots. The moment you spot your targets, choose a suitable shooting spot. While approaching them, keep in mind that you need to take them down with the least shots possible. If you fail to shoot the lions down before they reach your spot, they may attack you.

It takes good estimation skills, precise aiming techniques, and bravery to protect the sheep from these harmful animals at However, with only a few trials, you will master the basics of this shooting game in no time! Tackle more shooting missions in more free games like Pixel Combat Multiplayer and Squad Rifles

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to aim and shoot.