Offroad Police Cargo Transport

Offroad Police Cargo Transport is the off-road trucking game that you can play here on gofriv games. Driving through awfully narrow paths in huge vehicles seems to be really annoying and dangerous for real life drivers, but it’s a very entertaining challenge on the free online gaming universe. The mission is crucial as mischievous criminals will try to stop you on your journey.


In this game at friv car games, you are in control of a huge 18-wheeler truck. You are a police officer. You must transport precious cargo across the hilly terrain to get to your desired destination. Your goal is drive from one point to another delivering weapons on a cargo truck, getting to criminals quickly on a police car, reaching injured people on an ambulance and much more. You must navigate the rocky wilderness making sure that you continue your drive without damaging your truck or the cargo. 


Get to the target area and you will be rewarded for your efforts. There are 10 challenging levels to master. Here's a hint from us, make sure that you do not tip over! That’s why Offroad Police Transport is a good choice for those who enjoy being pushed to the limit on driving skills. Just be careful not to fall down and complete level after level to unlock them all. Good luck!


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Instruction to play:


WASD or arrow keys to drive.