Paintball Racers

This new game for Friv racers is about more than just driving fast on the tracks. You will need all the skills that you have to survive the rain of paintballs dropped on you in this competition among the best Paintball Racers! Your job is to gain score by driving fast and reaching the finish line. Collect the bonuses and extra items on the road as well to increase the total scores.

You will have to do all of this while dodging the paintballs that are shot at you by the other players, who are equally good at aiming and estimating the distance. The game requires your ability to multitask and balance all the tasks at once. It's fun to emerge in this thrilling race at with the elaborate set of rules and cool graphics for kids. It's the ultimate goal to beat all the racers and complete all challenges in this fast racing game.

Some of the prominent movements of the car are jumping, boosting, shooting and drifting from one lane to another. Pay attention to the energy bar and the scoreboard to see which rank you are. The moment your energy bar runs out, the game will be over immediately, therefore, drive carefully.

Let's gather some friends to join in this fun physics racing game which takes place on the prettiest hills! We have tons of other racing games like Zero Collision and Train Driver Simulator 3D for both adults and kids, so dive in right now! 

Instruction to play:

Drive using the arrow keys, interact using the mouse cursor.