Red Drop

Red Drop free game from Friv kid game brings a new touch of physics by adding the simplest rules into one of the fun arcade games. Not only will the game challenge your ability to take advantage of the physics but a flexible use of existed objects will also be important.

There are a total of three worlds, each with its own collection of levels and differences in difficulty level and the general layout of the screen. However, the main goal remains unchanged. There will be two blocks with the color of blue and red, both of which are placed on the platform of the level. It's your job to change the shape of each block from round to square and vice versa in order to fulfill the final goal.

To do this, all you have to do is to click a box to transform it into a ball, and again click the ball to transform it back into the original shape. All the blocks can change the shapes, but you need to keep the blue one stay on the platform while making the red ones drop from the platform. In order to do this, keep in mind the one physic rule that regulates the whole movement of the game. The round shape will roll down the hill while the square one remains at the same spot thanks to the gravity.

Only the best players who can come up with the right strategy to switch the shapes can win it at More puzzle games with brain-wrecking quizzes such as Pingu And Friends and Fish Hop will be great choices after this game! 

Instruction to play:

Tap or click to change the shape of the blocks.