Temple Of The Four Serpents

Set off to the new adventure with the descendant of Indiana Jones with Temple of the Four Serpents, the new game from Friv free game! Other than a cool platform game which is set in a secretly hidden temple, this game also brings a lot of new features. As you take on the role of a fearless adventurer, you need to conquer all the obstacles you face on the path to the sacred temple. 

Here, to pass each challenge, you must solve different puzzles with your intelligence and dauntless skills. The main goal is to find the legendary temple treasure hidden inside it. It has the classic 2D graphics and side-scrolling gameplay. These two make a great combination for game graphics and it's fantastic to explore in such amazing layout since the players can feel like Indiana Jones! 

The side-scrolling feature makes it more interesting to advance further in the game at http://frivclassic.net/. You will have to keep an eye for the upcoming obstacles and animals because not all of them will be shown on the screen immediately. How far will you make it in this temple which is filled with spider web, spikes, holes, deadly snakes and so much more? 

Keep out for deadly and dangerous traps scattered on your path. Other adventure games are also available for free here like Temple Run Online and Rob Runner

Instruction to play:

Arrow keys/WASD to move the character

Z/K/W/Up arrow to jump

X/L to interact

P to pause the game.