Toon Infinite Runner

The journey to conquer the tower in In Toon Infinite Runner will not be easy due to the random barriers, strange items and obstacles on the path. You will play the role of an adventurer with the urge to be the best runner on this infinite path of challenges and be the one to be able to run the longest! What will you do in this running arcade game?

Prepare to hit the road, change the lanes when any item shows up and switch directions as necessary. The goal is not only to go to a great length but also to gather the blue gems and bring them home. Can you see those scattered gems with the blue hint? Those will be used to add up your scores, give your character extra power and more useful features for you to continue on your journey.

However, don't crash into the other obstacles while collecting the gems. If you do so, the game will be over immediately. Since it' a free game from the collection at, feel free to restart if you forget to add anything you like. We need brave and flexible players to guide our girl on this tough path and search for as many blue gems as possible!

Don't miss out on the chance to get your name on the Leaderboard of other running games like Endless Survival Shooting and Kill The Spy as well! Running on the endless road with fearless spirit now! 

Instruction to play:

Use WASD or Arrow keys to make the character move