Flip The Gun

Flip The Gun free is an amusing game which is playable on friv best games. This is a fun addicting game with a simple but easy rule. You become a good shooter and your mission is to help the gun fly higher and higher to gain the highest score.

In the beginning, you possess a gun with 12 bullets. The gun drops from above. When the gun is downward, you must click your mouse to make it fly higher. Each time you click and shoot a bullet, the gun fly a little higher. If it touches the arrows, it can jump higher with a long distance. You must watch out and shoot at the right time to not make the gun fall out in friv amazing games. As the gun is upward, you must not shoot, otherwise, your gun will fall into the bottom of the screen and you lose the game. However, you can replay the game many times.

The gun will move in the opposite direction of the bullets, so you must act at the suitable time to not waste your life. Whenever you run out of 12 bullets, your gun is down-to-earth and you lose the game, too. Hey, take a look! You can see many bullets which are suspended on the screen, touch them and your gun is reloaded and you have 12 bullets again. You get one point each time you shoot a bullet. The higher you are, the more points you get.

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to click or tap the screen to shoot.