Slient House

Who would have thought that silence can be so scary with Silent House horror game from Friv 2019? This point-and-click game brings the most realistic encounter with a horror house where you need to think of the way to get out. As you woke up and found yourself locked in a strange room, you are not the only one in this scary house.

If you want to test out your bravery, search the way out of this house while avoiding the mystical creatures at all cost. This deep gameplay provides the most elaborated map, which makes it much harder to figure out the way to escape. Not only does this game require you to conquer your fear but you will have to stay sharp to escape from the horrors.

A tip for the new players at is to interact with any helpful item that you find along the way. Who knows what might be in those boxes and behind those doors? While moving in the dark environment, there might be some scary ghosts and monsters popping up. Run as fast as you can out of the room if you happen to encounter them.

The best players in this kind of games shall be the one who can stay calm despite the pressure and the horror layout. However, when you reach some safe rooms, you can stroll for a slow walk while interacting with objects inside. If this is one of your favorites, we suggest some more options like Jack's Village and Transformice Adventures as well! 

Instruction to play:

Use WASD to move, drag the mouse to turn around the corner and use both for a slow and quiet walk.