Transformice Adventures

What scenario will happen when the Transformice take on this new friv adventure? If you are a fan of Transformers series, this new spin-off with a twist will bring all kinds of a memorable experience for you! First, put in your information so that the game can customize a server that suits your the most. By creating your own mouse character with your chosen features, you are ready to join the game!

The players will join this role-playing game and try to survive as a little mouse. On a land full of danger, the enemies will jump onto you any moment. Keep your guard and be brave so as to become the hero who fights off the bad guys. Moreover, since the game comes with the multiplayer mode, interacting and communicating with other players are very important to complete tasks.

Don't forget that you can purchase updates from the store for your character to improve his capacity. In the game at there is also a wide range of magic objects, booster and special skills that will give whoever picks them up the advantage. Can you gain the upper hand in this journey to find justice?

The mouse is loyal and follows wherever you point to, so make sure that you choose wisely and come up with the smartest plan. With the name of Transformice, you can look forward to the switching powers and transformation of the mice. Why don't you add some other choices like Martians Vs Robots and Commandos Vs Zombies to your favorite list? They're all for free! 

Instruction to play:

Use WASD to move

Mouse to attack and interact

1-3 keys to switch and choose skills.