Police Cars Memory

Can you combine all the little pieces of images and proceed in this Friv puzzle game: Police Cars Memory? It belongs to the subgenre of puzzle games. The players can choose from three difficulty modes provided in the game: Easy, Medium and Hard. Challenge your ability with the Hard level if you are an advanced gamer.

Since it's a matching game, you need to remember the position and the image on each card as you choose to open it. Two cards can be opened at once. If they do not match, both will be flipped back to the original position. Keep in mind that there are all kinds of police cars on these cards. More than just matching the images, you can even get some snips and knowledge about the wide variety of police cars.

In order to win this kind of matching game at http://frivclassic.net/, it's crucial that the players have a great memory and good observation skills to keep track of all the different cards. It's a brainteaser with simple yet addictive gameplay. If you love sharing this game with your friends and family, just take the turn to pick out the cards.

Let's see who can collect the most sets of the same cards! Compared to other gaming categories, in order to win this game, you need to focus and concentrate to master the rules and predict the patterns. More games that you can add to your favorite list are Drag Racing and Scrap Metal 4 and all of these are available for free! 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to open the cards.