Hop Quest

In the quest to search for all the glittering diamonds in Friv online games, the hero will need a trusty assistant to guide him through the series of obstacles and traps in this kingdom. Not only is this an interesting platform game but it's also fun for competing with your fellow friends. How far will you make it with your hopping skills?


The only way you can move in this game is by hopping. Follow the main hero on the path and tag along with him on his next adventure while he bounces his way through a dungeon. The tough part is that the dungeon is packed with deadly robots, deadly traps, gaps, unstable floors, and even powerful missiles which will aim at you! The goal of this game is to set a new record by trying to reach the furthest without being shot at. If you manage to break the previous record of yourself and others, your name will be shown on the Leaderboard at http://frivclassic.net/


Also, you can keep check of the number of gathered diamonds using the information on the top of the screen. Keep moving to avoid the spikes and don't worry about the limited steps. It's all about the ability to dodge, move quickly and great reflexes in this kind of game. Moreover, the game allows you to switch back and forth with the control keys so that you can use them flexibly in both ways. Gather some friends and try out some more fun games this season with Bouncy Run and Tap Touch Run.

Instruction to play:

Use ASD or the arrow keys to attack, jump and defend.