Bouncy Run

Bouncy Run is the addictive arcade game which you can play for free on friv interesting games. This game takes you to an ocean which has plenty of platforms and you will turn into a bouncy ball to explore this beautiful landscape. Your mission in the game is to control the ball to jump on these platforms to as far as possible and earn points.

You must fly through the air landing on platforms to travel as far as you can and beat your high score. The game challenges your reflexion abilities because you have to choose the right time to act or you die. When your ball is flying, you must observe and click the mouse for it to drop exactly on the platform below. If you click at the wrong time, the ball will fall into the ocean and you lose in friv best games.

Sometimes you have a yellow platform, jump on it to fly further. Besides, be careful of when you slam though as there are a limited number of platforms and if you miss them you will plummet into the ocean. In addition to this, the platforms become more and more sparse as you travel further. Remember to collect as many diamonds as you can and you can use them to buy new cute balls. There are also many free gifts for you.

With the simple rule and beautiful graphics, the game attracts you absolutely. Rate the game highly and leave your comments to encourage us. Introduce the game to your buddies to have fun and explore more games like and at

Instruction to play:

Use the left click to make the ball fall down.