Tank Defender

Tank Defender is an awesome shooting game which you can play on friv kid games for free. This HTML game is playable in both browsers and touch devices. Your area is invading by many bad guys. They are very crowded but you are alone. Are you confident to eliminate them and prevent your base from destroying?

You possess a tank with a cannon. Control it to move around this land to attack the enemies. Your opponent has various vehicles such as the planes with different sizes. They fly above your head and throw the bullets and bombs at you. You have to damage both the planes and the bullets. Don’t let the bullet reach the ground and make fire. Otherwise, you lose one of your life. You have 3 lives and you lose the game when all of them run out.

You can turn on the automatic shooting feature to shooting constantly in friv games online. You will start the game with 500 bullets and sometimes you receive the gift boxes falling from the flying craft. They can be a life, 500 bullets, a myriad of bonuses, increased firepower or the defense. Collect them as many as possible because they are very helpful in the battle. The time is counted down from 3 minutes. You gain money from killing your foes. Attempt to finish your mission with the highest amount of money. Are you strong enough to complete each level and defend your territory?

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Instruction to play:

Use AD or left/right arrow to move the tank and click your mouse to shoot.