Where's My Golf

Where's My Golf might sound like your ordinary sports game, but you will be surprised at the combination of sports-themed features and the physics-styled platform in this new game at Friv online. The game focuses on the movement of the balls as it resembles most of the arcade games on the 2D platform.

The ultimate goal is to overcome as many levels as possible by motioning the balls and help them fall into the right hole. During each level, you will come across different obstacles, different difficulty levels and a variety of items to interact with. At http://frivclassic.net/, if you manage to draw up the right frame and infrastructure that guide the balls back to its right position, the level will be marked as done.

To gain the highest scores possible, keep in mind that the less ink you used per level, the more yellow stars you will get. Time is also of the essence as the game comes with a specialized feature that also keeps track of your used time. A tip for the new players is to follow the detailed tutorial carefully to choose the most suitable path.

Since the game remains a sports-themed game, you will learn tons of tips and tricks on how to maneuver the ball around the golf court like a pro! Come to experience more realistic sports games like Minigolf Master and Golf Royable from our collection. 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to choose the direction and move the items.