Boss Level

Oh no! Billy boy fell into a retro game console. He is now fighting the boss on his own in order to try and leave this weird world. Can you use your fighting skills to help him through all the levels? In this Friv game, you can control the main character and avoid obstacles. Also, keep firing at the target or the big bosses multiple times to earn more gold coins. When you attack the boss, he will drop some of his owls and witches to attack you.

Keep jumping and you can avoid all of them. Make sure to estimate well and choose the correct place to stand and shoot. When your character reaches one pumpkin, he can click Enter to start shooting in that mini-game. Then, log into another pumpkin to start another adventure! This is the perfect Halloween version of the Boss Level Shootout original game with plenty of new features and cool graphics from

The pixelated theme will bring so many funny moments as you interact with the other characters. In each world, there will be a boss waiting for you, hence the name Boss Level. Use the gold coins later to buy new equipment and tools from the shop to advance and maximize your capacity. More games such as Pocket Ninja and Deep Heat are also great choices for an incoming playtime. Start shooting at all the bosses now!

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys to jump and move, use the Z key to shoot.