Hex Blaster

Good aiming and amazing shooting techniques will either make or break your record in this new Friv game for kids: Hex Blaster! It's one challenging aiming and shooting game with the vibrant collection of blocks and cool graphics. In order to stay in the game for a long time, you will have to pop every hexagon before they reach the bottom line of the stage. Should you fail to do so, a single hexagon touching the line can stop the game.

Each block comes with its number icon which represents the number of shots required to take it down. The larger the number is, the more work it takes to conquer the block. The toughest part in this puzzle game at friv Games to play is to shoot down large numbers of bouncing balls at the same time.

To succeed in doing this, it's best if you can choose the best shooting direction. When the bullets bounce against many blocks, they will be eliminated faster. Don't forget to pay attention to the collection of power-ups showing up from time to time. A well-aimed shot will play a significant role in making an efficient effort in claiming more scores. How many levels can you unlock in this game filled with hexagons?

Check the game daily and open gifts to get your bonuses! We even offer an unlimited mode which assists the players in gaining high scores and earning diamonds. Have a blast with more puzzle games such as Color Balls 2  and 8 Ball Pool With Friends without a cost!

Instruction to play:

Shoot and slow down using the left mouse.