Basketball Arcade

At Friv land, there are many games with the sports theme. If you are a basketball fan, don't miss out on this cool basketball game called Basketball Arcade. Do you want to test out your skills with this famous sports? Let's come to the basketball court now!

First, all players need to choose their favorite team from a wide range of teams such as CAP, ITC, Titica and many more! But no matter which team you play for, the goal is the same. You need to try your best to locate the basketball, pick it up over the table. Then, aim precisely at the basket to shoot and try to get as many scores as possible within the limited time. For each turn, you will have 1 minute and 30 seconds to carry out this task. Even though there is not much time, the more basketball you shoot, the better.

Control your force by keep pressing the button for a long time. A special feature of this game at is that the game will score your mouse sensitivity and reflex at the end of each trial so that you can learn the experience from the previous failure. However, since the graphics are 3D, it might be a little difficult to get used to the movement of the character at first. Don't worry as you will grasp the gameplay and master it in no time! You can check out some other games for sporty kids such as New Star Soccer Hacked and Cliff Diving.

Instruction to play:

Move forward with W, backward with S, right with A and left with D. Jump using the spacebar, aim and shoot with the left mouse.