Boombox Inc

Boombox Inc game is built with a secret room containing a yellow box and the player's mission in this game is to break the boxes. You will feel more comfortable with this task at gy y games. This is one of the spiritual therapies that help players to relax. Take a look at the first tasks when you start the game. The number of bombs thrown out would be equivalent to the number of times the box was broken.


If you cannot complete your quest, the game will end. The money you earn in the game is used to upgrade in the next level. You will be surprised at this game when playing online at juegos online gogi. The great relaxing moments in the game will give you more time to explore. Do not be angry if you are having a hard time. Take your spare time to play this game and make you feel more comfortable.


This is the most played game of the week at our website. You may feel stuffy with the office environment or even anger in your daily life. Take the free time to relax in this game at You will not waste time finding games anymore. Instead, we help you play games and are not bothered by ads. Get ready for your challenges today.


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Instruction to play:

How to play:

Use left mouse to bomb most accurate in the yellow box