Laps Fuse

The balls move continuously in the game Laps Fuse and the player's task is to stop them in place together so that they can combine and form new numbers more than double. juegos friv de 3 suggest players take part in this fun game to discover the numbers and make up the largest number of your abilities. When the three numbers are the same, they will come together.


Players need to be flexible in moving the numbers that are circling in the right place where they need to appear. If you have not yet determined their position in a circle, the game will end immediately. Therefore, move the numbers quickly before completing a circle. It all depends on the challenges that you need to overcome in this game. friv 1 player allow players to play games without being bothered by ads or other factors. Thus, players will be comfortable choosing their favorite games and playing them the easiest way.

Share with your friends the game mix this number and see who is going to make the biggest final number. Numbers are doubled when they join together in a power circle. It's great to be the winner and have more turns with the highest score.

In addition, we also update the game moves and incorporate numbers into the game list daily so players can freely explore in their free time like Pacrat. You can create the wonders in this game at Surely this is one of the most exciting games you have ever participated in. with your friends. Share this special game with them. 

Instruction to play:

Left-click when you want to move the figure to a different position in the circle