Car Eats Car 6

Car Eats Car is one of the most famous racing series game in friv online games and the six version is published with plenty of new and interesting features. The rule still remains but the challenges are more difficult. In this game, you will play a role of a car. Your friend’s father loses contact with the earth and your friend prepares for the adventure to find him. Your friend brings you with him but you fall down on the road and lose your way.

Now, you are on a dangerous journey to purchase him. There are plenty of obstacles are waiting in front of you in friv racing games. Thus, you have to act wisely to avoid them. You have a variety of level with different challenges to conquer. In each level, you must pass the hard race with the rugged stages. Besides, the harmful cars can eat you, try to avoid them, don’t touch them. You can damage them by throwing the bombs on them but many of them are so strong that you can’t kill for the first time.

After each level, you unlock another type of evil car. When finishing each level, you are given a box, open it and collect the useful items. As you race, you can see plenty of red diamonds, collect them to enhance your score. Watch out and don’t let the Health bar on the top of the screen run out or you lose the game. Do your best to go further and reach the endpoint.

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Instruction to play:

Use arrows to move and balance and use spacebar to throw the bombs.