Crazy Balls

If you are looking for dropping balls game with cool gameplay, Crazy Balls will be a great choice which you can play for free from Friv free games! The rule of the game is different and unique as it brings new experience for a simple ball game. What would you need to do in this game? Your mission is to clear all the blocks appearing on the screen.


These blocks are moving constantly and they are climbing up slowly on the game screen. As the lower blocks push up, you need to finish clearing the ones from above to make sure that the screen is not filled up. As the ball bounces among the blocks with different shapes, their number will decrease. For example, to clear shape with number 3 on it, the ball needs to bounce on that block three times. The blocks will disappear when their numbers turn into zero.


Keep in mind that you only have a limited number of balls to drop in order to complete each level, therefore, think carefully of the direction and angle before making any movement. You should also consider that the balls will bounce against each other as they drop. Choosing the right angle and you might clear more than 1 block at a time, which will make it easier to win the game at Are you ready to test out more game to spice up the playtime a little bit? Try out 4 Player Sheep Party and Slime Road.

Instruction to play:

Hold and drag to adjust the angle and then drop the ball as you wish.