Paint Pop 3D

Splashing some popping colors in the new game from Friv online: Paint Pop 3D! With this interesting addictive game, there is no need to remember complicated rules or too elaborated gameplay. All it takes is one simple rule that you need to follow to start off the journey in this fun land.

The theme of this one is to shoot the colorful paintballs on the rotating pole. Since the pole will spin around one stick nonstop, the most crucial task is to choose the perfect timing to paint the white blocks. Can you see that little black block moving around as well? Avoid that at all cost. To pass a level, you need to paint all slices on the platform. Be careful of the black block because the moment you shoot at that piece, the game is over.

Let see how many rings you can fulfill throughout plenty of levels! At the total scores are saved on the board so that you can compare your scores against your friends'. Splashing the paints is fun with endless levels, each with its own designs and 3D graphics. Also, the main character is very well-drawn with adorable details.

The qualities needed to succeed in this type of game will be the ability to observe quickly under stressful circumstances and quick hand movements. Keep moving forward to the next poles to explore more challenges and gain plenty of scores. Don't forget that we have other games like Connect Lines 2 and Zoo Run with unique gameplay. 

Instruction to play:

Click or tap on the screen to shoot the paintballs.