Sudoku is one popular number puzzle game which requires the players to show the best logical skills and thinking the process to put the numbers into their right places. In this new number placement game at Friv land, you will emerge in the new version of the game with more levels so that you can enjoy the endless fun! The players can play and enjoy over and over again until you complete one frame or move onto the harder levels.

There is no need to wait for every day's newspaper to play on the traditional board. You can play with the virtual version at anytime and anywhere that you want! Since it remains unchanged, the rules are still the same. You need to fill each and every blank with the correct numbers to win the game. No number is allowed to repeat on the same row, same column or 3x3 block.

The tip for the beginners is to start off with the block, row, and column that have that most numbers inside. The more numbers there are the more clues that you can use to deduct the rest. This kind of brain-teasing games can get really tricky due to the placement of the numbers.

Also, it's much more challenging to solve bigger squares. Train your deduction skills now with this cool game and more options such as Rummy and Yahtzee

Instruction to play:

Choose the numbers and place them using the mouse.