Classic Word Search

The leisure time has never been this fun with a new puzzle game from Friv online games. It's Classic Word Search, a game in which you will join the ultimate search for available words. Like any other word games, your task remains to find all the words within a limited time. However, this game is even more elaborated as the creators developed more mini-boards for you to explore.

At the beginning of the game, you will see a large board. Then, you have to solve the little board one by one before cracking the last huge board. The letters in each grid are arranged in a chaotic and random manner, therefore, you will have to find words by using your extraordinary vision. You can also call your friends to combat and see who can conquer all the grids. How many words will you be able to spot?

The words will be arranged in the diagonal, horizontal and vertical order which makes it even harder to locate every word. Try your best and you can enjoy the fun of searching with the game at for free! This game is a rare and excellent chance with amazing graphics to train players' word ability. The leisure time will improve so much with this challenging puzzle game. Some other puzzle games that you can try out are Sudoku game and X O Contest

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the mouse to choose the words from the grid.