is an epic massive spaceship battle game which you can play for free on friv 2018 io games. A war takes place in the universe and you are a part of it. Everyone is trying the best to become the master of this galaxy. You have your own a fleet of spaceships and you also fight for your life and your repute. Control your troops to move around this area and knock out your enemies.

In the beginning, you own 4 spaceships. Then, lead them to go anywhere on the map. When you approach the meteorites, your spaceships shoot at them automatically and they are explosive. You gain points by destroying these meteorites. They appear everywhere in the space. Besides, on the map of friv kids games, you can see other armies’ position, search for them and attack to damage them to increase the size of your fleet. Thanks to this action, you have more firepower to attack your enemies.

Your foes can contain more spaceships than yours. Thus, avoid their attack by getting away and attack the weaker troop. Besides, you should attempt to avoid taking damage at the same time otherwise the size of your fleet will decrease and you lose the game as you lose all the spaceships. Try to destroy as many enemies as possible to enlarge your force. In addition to this, you can use the space bar to give your fleet a speed boost to sneak up on your enemies or attack them faster.

Are you ready to fight against other strong force to become the master of the universe?

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Instruction to play:

Move your mouse to control the spaceship's direction, press 1 to buy a new spaceship and Spacebar to boost speed.