Beach Bowling 3D

As summer is coming to Friv land, are you ready to refresh yourself with a nice game like Beach Bowling 3D? The players will get to emerge in the refresh feeling like on a real beach while playing bowling. It's also a game where you can enjoy the realistic summer beach in gorgeous 3D graphics without having to leave the house.

Like any other bowling match, in order to win, the players need to finish all sets with the highest total scores. There will be three sets in total here at The players demonstrate their talents in turn and the scores per turn will be recorded for ranking. There is no need to worry with this game levels because you can take on the opponents in hundreds of different stages. Such a large number of levels will allow the kids of all ages to have fun all day long!

To control the ball, all you have to use is the mouse cursor. Move the mouse to the direction that you are trying to aim and release to push the ball forward. Then, when it's moving on the track, click and drag to each side whenever you want to adjust the movement of the ball. How many pins will you be able to knock down in one take?

The graphics are bright with colorful details to make the beach look the most appealing to kids. Try out other summer games such as Class Bowling and Winter Soccer

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to play the game.