Pet Piano

Musical training can be fun and easy for kids to embrace their love for music. Join Pet Piano, an interesting musical training game that is exclusively for the kids here in Friv games! There is a total of ten tunes that you can play on the multiple music instruments available. The wide range of instruments includes piano, guitar and music box.

The highlight of the game must be the collection of animals sounds which can also be added to make the song score more unique. You can add in the sounds of dog, cat, bird, chicken, cow and even cricket. Since the game emphasizes on the experience and interaction of the kids with the simple music, the kids can freely enjoy the game at without any tasks or difficult missions.

At first sight, the players will find all the tools that they can use on the main game screen. The below piano keyboard are for you to create the melody of the song, and the animal icons on the top will add a little extra unique sound to it. It's totally up to you to choose to create a mellow and soothing melody or an upbeat and dynamic one. Any song regardless of its genre will be recorded so that you can listen to it later!

Without any requirements to pass the level, this kind of game makes it much more relaxing for kids to explore and emerge in this musical world. A true artist can be born from exploring freely and experiencing new things! Keep up the fun time with other games which have a cool theme such as Princess Circus Getaway and Color Me Pets 2

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to click on the keyboard and icons.