Hyper Jelly

Hyper Jelly is an awesome and fast-paced platform game which is playable on friv racing games. This is the story of the adventure of a pink ball in the 3D world. With the eye-catching graphics and thrilling sound, you can feel relaxed as playing this game. The rule is so simple, you just have to control the ball jump at the suitable time. However, it’s quite difficult for you to conquer the hard journey due to its fast pace and many obstacles on the way.

The ball rolls automatically and you must help it jump from one platform to the next. When you are reaching the endpoint of the platform, act fast to lead the ball jump to the next one. Otherwise, it will fall into the deep hole and be destroyed. The mission of friv online games sounds easy, but changing camera angle and the 3D platforms make this game tricky.

In addition, you also have to jump to avoid the squares on the platform. They appear suddenly and they are moving toward you, act wisely to pass over them without touching. It is beautiful that when you jump and touch the platforms, they change their color.

Your score depends on how far you can go. Besides, you can see the moving yellow ball on the platform, you should pick them for bonus points. Each of them is equivalent to 1000 points. You can change the camera when playing to have a good view and there are three different camera views.

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Instruction to play:

Hold the spacebar to jump and use C key to change the camera view.