Insane Car Crash Burnout

Insane Car Crash Burnout is a funny car game which is playable on friv car games for free. With the cool graphics, realistic physics and lively sound, this car crashing game let you immerse yourself in a real race. If you are mad at speed but you are scared of causing damage to people? Don’t worry, in this game, you can destroy everything and many cars and you also earn money from that.

It is your duty to earn money from crashing as many cars as possible. You possess a car and you are driving in the road. The road has many folks, so you must change your direction at the suitable time to avoid falling out of the track. Besides hitting the other cars, you also have many other things to crash and get money such as barrel, oil tanker, bus, taxi, Prado, etc. We have 4 modern cars for you but each of them costs a certain amount of money. For example, the red sports car costs 5000 dollars and the black one has a price of 10000 dollars in friv best games.

Each level requires you to gain a different target. For instance, in level 1, you need to get 1000 points and you have to hit other cars with your car in 30 seconds. Attempt to finish your duty in the shortest time for bonus points. When you complete each track, you can unlock the next one. The game brings you 7 amazing levels with very beautiful and realistic garage. Attempt to win the game.

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Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to drive and Spacebar to use the handbrake.