Slope Tunnel

Slope Tunnel is a superb arcade game full of difficulties that is created for the skillful players who want to improve their reflexion. In the game of friv best games, you have one ball with one dream. It is to go furthest in this endless tube which leads to another world full of challenges. This world is said to be incredible and this is the reason why I say that the game impresses you definitely.

You are in a 3D maze and your mission is to control a ball to go through the tunnel of friv online games safely. The tube has totally 8 linked platforms. The traps are the holes on the ground of the platform. You have to jump from one platform to the next one in order to avoid these gaps. If you fall into the hole, you lose your life and the game is over. Because you don’t have the second chance, you have to replay from the start point as you lose.

Besides, many small white balls appear on your way, you should collect them to gain scores. Each ball brings you one point. You will play with the slow speed at first. Then, the speed is becoming faster and faster. Thus, you have to act quickly to change the platform without crashing into the obstacles.

The ground will create just a short while before you reach it, so sometimes it’ difficult for you to predict where to stand while traveling at higher speed.

Do your best keep the ball rolling at all costs and remember to collect as many small dots as possible.

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Instruction to play:

Use left/right arrow to control the ball.