Laser Bricks

Laser Bricks is a fun arcade game which you can play on friv online games for free. You are alone in the dark world full of barriers, what will you do to survive? You will control a small airplane and use it to shoot at the obstacles.

The plane is moving toward constantly and you just have to change its direction to left and right. The impediments are very diversified and they appear suddenly. For example, you will meet a line of bricks or sometimes the brick stands alone. You have to destroy them to open a way for the plan to go through. If you crush the obstacles, you lose the game immediately and have to replay from the start point in friv games for kids.

Many blocks contain a number inside. The number represents how many times you must hit the block to destroy it so pay attention. Besides, you should look out for the various power-ups. These can improve your rate of fire greatly. For instance, a laser power-up that gives you a continuous firing laser, or there is a triple fire power-up for example that allows you to shoot 3x bullets.

There are totally 6 challenging stages for you to play and you must conquer the first level to unlock the next one. Try your best to complete all 6 missions.

Please rate the game highly and leave your comments to encourage us. Tell your buddies about this shooting game to have fun. Many similar games are waiting for you in like Bubble Charms 2 and Penguin Climbing.

Instruction to play:

Use AD or left/right arrow to steer.