Bubble Charms 2

Bubble Charms 2 is an online bubble shooting game which is created for fans of friv kid games to play for free. This second version has similarities to the original and iconic Puzzle Bobble, and you will play with a cute pet and various colored bubbles.

Your mission in this game is to control a bubble shooting machine which creates a large number of beautiful balls in the different color such as red, yellow, orange, blue, green, and so on. There are various balls falling from the sky. After each time you shoot the ball, a line of bubbles appears and they lower a little bit in friv free games.

The color of the ball created by the machine is different in each time, you have to release it to the group of the same color to make all of them disappear and earn coins. The game has many stages for you to conquer and you have to destroy a certain number of balls in each stage. For instance, you have to collect 35 bubbles in level 3.

Sometimes you can see the sparky bubbles, try to collect them as many as you can to charge your pet’s ability which you can use to fire a special bubble. For example, you can use this ability to turn a blue bubble into the red one as it reaches the group of red bubbles.

Attempt to earn a large number of coins to unlock many new cute pets.

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Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to shoot.