Thebossgame 32

Without having to open so many games, you now can play all the different types with just one click on Thebossgame 32. It's a new collection of mini-games from Friv online games for players of all ages. You can enjoy so many mini-games, each with its own gameplay and rules. Different as they are, the main goal is to defeat all the challenges and gain the highest scores possible throughout the features. The scores will be kept individually for each game so that you can freely play the next one without having to worry!


For example, Balance, Soccer, Left Side, Hole and Don't Stop are the popular one for kids. With Balance, it's your task to interact and bounce the ball while maintaining the perfect balance. Or in Refill, the players have to recharge the battery at the perfect level. Yet with Soccer, you can experience a mini Soccer game. Since all the games are unique, you will never get bored with pages of games at


Roam through the list and find out which is your favorite game. The interactive mechanism allows you to play with the smart PC with many click-and-point games. The combination of games will guarantee exceptionally experience. Gather more friends and see who can complete more games first! We have many other games with the same theme as Hop Quest and Table Tennis Ultimate Tournament for free as well. 

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the mouse to interact and play the mini-games.