Anna Iphone Max Decoration

If you love the game with Anna's story, you will want to help her in this situation of the game Anna iPhone Max Decoration. With the website, we update new games under different topics so that players can discover and choose their games. Therefore, you can relax when you have free time and start your new journey more special than ever.

Anna accidentally dropped the phone and her new iPhone Max phone was broken. You need to help Anna re-check the screen, touch the phone and reinstall broken parts with new accessories. After that, you can help her redecorate the phone with the best pictures. With these two simple main tasks, players can easily join and complete the challenge of the gameplay parts. Select Friv Games Online to play today. You will have gaming tips with different challenges that every player wants to overcome.

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Instruction to play:

Click the left mouse button and follow the instructions to fix the phone.