Nazi Zombie Army

Nazi Zombie Army is an online shooting game which you can play on friv games online for free. The zombie is gradually ruling our world. If we don’t act now, they will kill all people in the city and dominate the city. Are you strong and flexible enough to stay alive and complete your mission well?

You can choose the online save mode in which the result is saved online or the local save mode in which the progress will be saved offline, in the browser cache. In the beginning, you possess a handgun and prepare for an incoming wave of zombies. The zombies can be the evil nazi boss, a giant mutant zombie, nazi zombies, and creepy nazi dog zombies. They are coming from many sides with a countless number but you are alone. Thus, you must act fast to kill them before they approach and kill you in friv kid games.

Shoot constantly at them to kill them faster. The number of enemies is increasing. For each killed zombie, you gain money. You can use this money to purchase new upgraded weapons such as the sniper rifles, cannons, rifles and so on. Each of them costs a different account of money.

Don’t let the enemies touch you or they can attack you easily. Your health, in the beginning, is 100. When you get hurt, it decreases a little. When it runs out, you die and lose the game. Can you become the hero to save the earth?

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Instruction to play:

Use the arrows / WASD to move, mouse to aim/shoot, space to jump, Shift to sprint, I to open shop, and L to lock cursor.