Bff's Day Of The Dead

The season for dressing up is here. Halloween is coming! Have you prepared your own costume? Dressing up as a princess, a ghost or a wizard is common, but do you like to try something new this year with Princess Elsa and Ariel? This year, the girls gave up the traditional Halloween celebrations to try something new: The Dead day celebration at Friv games 2018. Just like any other preparation for costumes, you will be in charge of doing the facial make-up and choosing out Halloween costumes.


If you haven't tried this type of make-up, don't worry! At, we have a detailed and step-to-step instruction to help you out. First, choose the overall style of make-up that you want on the princesses. You can pick the dark purple theme or a rosy enchanted theme. Next, take the time to use each of the cosmetics and tools to put on the powder, eyeliner, and details on the girls. It's crucial that you paint some details carefully to enhance the beauty of the design, so let's be patient.


After this step, you can move on to choosing the outfit for Elsa and Ariel. The dresses, tops, and bottoms have the best Halloween pattern such as roses with thorns, skeletons, and black spiders. Don't be scared and show off your amazing styles with more girl games such as Elsa and Anna Sent to Fairyland and Marinette Sweet 16. Will you be able to transform our princesses with your styling skills? 

Instruction to play:

Choose the clothes with your left mouse.