Tank Battle War Commander

To win such a crucial battle like Tank Battle War Commander from the collection of strategy games at Friv kid games, you will need more than just strong firepower. The battle takes a long time to decide the winning side, therefore, be brave and consistent to make sure that you can change the situation anytime. For this game, our goal is to be the side to win by placing different types of tanks to suitable places.

However, the best feature that we bring to spice up this type of battle game is the choosing system. Instead of picking your desired tanks from the list or a certain collection, your team of tanks will be picked thanks to the lottery system! How cool is this? You will have to rely on your good luck charm to pray that you can roll out the strongest and mightiest genres of tanks.

For each turn, you get to dice out three tanks or three types of bullets and missiles. There is an energy bar on top of each tank to show the owner their left-over energy. Create a precise strategy to use the tank capacity efficiently without letting the other opponent shoot down your base!

At http://frivclassic.net/, you can be the top players or the top commander only by defeating the enemies with the least tanks. Keep rolling the dice and conquering the harder fights in more games such as Tank Fury and Tank vs Tiles

Instruction to play:

Click and drag to choose the tanks and interact.