Grand Action Crime: New York Car Gang

Grand Action Crime: New York Car Gang is an awesome open world crime game which you can play on friv games online for free. You are in a big city and you become a ruthless criminal with the aspiration of ruling the whole city. There are many means of transport on the street, many tall buildings, and many walking people. As an evil guy, you go around this area and earn money by many ways like killing people, destroying the vehicles or collecting the coins.

The game offers you tons of fun possibilities to explore the city. Your duty in each level is different. For example, in the first round, you have to collect 31 bitcoins, kill 3 gangsters and 3 street cops, steal 3 cars and 2 bikes, and destroy 3 vehicles. In the beginning, you have no weapon. Thus, it is difficult for you to complete your mission in the shortest time, but don’t worry, after collecting money in friv free games, you can purchase weapons, armor, and vehicles which are very useful for you to conquer the game.

Work hard to collect money using whatever methods you feel are appropriate. You can be merciless and violent or you can try to be kind-hearted and generous. You can steal vehicles and rob civilians to complete your mission faster. Do your best to dominate the whole city.

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Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, Mouse scroll to change gun, F to enter/exit car, Left click to shoot, Shift to walk, and R to enter the shop.