Russian Offroad Driver

Russian Offroad Driver - click to play online. Do you think you are a good driver? Do you have many superb driving skill? If your answer is yes, chanllenge this game of Best friv games

Get ready for some real off road experience in the driving simulator Russian Offroad Driver! Choose a game mode, hop on your upgradeable vehicle, start speeding through the land's dirt and keep unlocking cool stuff.

Get into gear and drive in Russian Extreme Off-road! Hop in your vehicle and take your skills off the streets and onto several, highly challenging obstacle courses where one wrong turn can mean utter failure. Swerve in and out of traffic cones, take insanely sharp turns and avoid all that stands in your way. Hitting anything but the finish line means starting over so, buckle up and get ready for a heavy dose of off-road challenges! 

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Instruction to play:

Arrows / WASD = drive

Spacebar = handbrake

C = camera

I = turn on / off car