Sworm .Io

Sworm .io is an amazing and sophisticated multiplayer game which you can play for free in friv free games without requiring the plugin. The players who are the loyal fans of Slither.io should try out Sworm.io because it is an upgraded HD version with a wider range of features and upgrades. The rule play is similar but the feature is more attractive.

This game brings you an opportunity to compete to thousand of skillful players from around the world in friv io games. You will start with a small worm and your task is to grow it with the larger size and length. You can change the color of skin by click on the “Skin” button and choose your favorite color.

You will play in a huge map full of colorful worms with different sizes. You can kill other players by crashing into them and grow your character by eating them and eating orbs. Besides, there are various minerals scattered on the ground for you to find power-ups and grow in size and strength.

In addition to this, you have to avoid your enemies’ attacks. If you let them cut you, you lose a large portion of your worm and have to start from scratch again. Watch out to escape from other players or move in on them for the kill by providing your worm with a speed boost.

Do your best to conquer the game and become the longest worm in the world. We are so thankful to receive your feedback and rating. Discover more interesting games such as Running Ninja and Hand Spinner Simulator at http://frivclassic.net/.

Instruction to play:

Control the worm's movement by moving your mouse, use left click or W to use a speed boost and right click or spacebar to cut.