Spongebob Restaurant

Spongebob Restaurant is an HTML game on friv new games. The game is playable in both browsers (safari, chrome) and touch devices for free with no registration. This game is the latest version of Spongebob series game. This time, Spongebob possess his own restaurant and he has a great number of customers per day but the restaurant has only one chef, Spongebob. Can you help him serve them?

The guests come to the restaurant and then they order the dishes they want. You have a certain amount of time to prepare and serve them. To make a hamburger, you must bake the beef and put it into the bread. In the higher levels of friv games for kids, the customers require the hamburger mixed with the sauce. Besides, there are many dishes such as French fries and many kinds of soft drinks.  

Many costumers order one dish but many of them require 2 or 3 dainties and 3 guests come in your restaurant at the same time, so you must act fast to cook for them. Each person has a time bar next to her/him, if this bar runs out, he/she leaves and you get no money. The faster you serve your clients, the more money you get.

Each level needs you to earn a certain amount of money to complete. For instance, you must earn 60$ in level 1 and 100$ in level 7. Take care of the dishes which your customers order to satisfy them and get money back.

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Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to play.