Skate Hooligans

The little boy has caused a trouble! This little hooligan was playing with his ball and hit a window. The noise was so loud that a policeman found out about the broken window. Now the policeman is coming after him and he is trying to escape using his skateboard. Can you help him at Skate Hooligans? If you used to enjoy games such as Subway Surfer, you will fall in love with this game in no time!

Drive through narrow streets full of traffic and objects at Friv 2018 and collect as many coins as possible. Bear in mind that the most important task is to outrun the policeman. Some players tend to spend too much energy trying to gather the coins and fall. Everytime you fall or trip, the policeman will be able to approach you. So be careful as you collect the coins or else the game is over. Do you know that those coins will become useful later?

You can use them to buy upgrades, fix the old skateboards, find new skateboards, and unlock new characters! This HTML game from friv game online is a fun game to share with your friend and players can play it as many times as they want. The game is endless! Your observation and reflexes will be tested and enhanced as you play this

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Instruction to play:

Move with left and right arrow keys.