Fat Kevin

Kevin liked Granny Roaslie a lot. She always told him to pay no attention to all the boys and girls laughing at him at school. However, since Granny Roaslie has been away on a trip, he is all alone. Will you help him carry out the tasks at school? The tasks vary depending on each level.


At http://frivclassic.net/, the general theme of this game is to help Kevin do all the paperwork, make new friends and have fun studying at school without his beloved granny. It's an interactive game in which the players can choose to interact with the other characters and items scattered around the setting. For example, to carry out the task of bringing the paper to help Kevin check into his school, you will need to work with the secretary at the front desk. For some missions, it will not be easy to pinpoint the items in the first place.


Don't let the other students hit Kevin or else the game will be over. It's all up to you to make Fat Kevin's experience at the school in Friv land become fun and interesting. Not only will you get to know a day in Kevin's life but you will also be able to be his friend. Players of all ages have fallen in love with the graphics of this game. Would you like to check it out? How about playing some more with Kogama Bossbattle and Portal 2 Coop

Instruction to play:

Move the character using the arrow keys, Space to jump, X to fight, C to interact, V to roll, I to open monster cards and R to restart the game.