X O Contest

You know the traditional games are always fascinating players over many years and X O Contest game online at friv new games is the same. We will hit the characters in the squares to form horizontal, vertical, or diagonal rows that are not blocked by the opponent. Each player can choose a different character before joining this game. You need to be alert to the best way to go.


Enemies can win you if they find a way out in this game. So be smart if you want to win the enemy easily. As with chess games, this game has different ways and tricks that you can completely overcome by your abilities. Do not miss the chance to win at friv puzzle games with the highest score. If you draw, you will start the game again until you win and gain a different score in this game.


Different ways of playing will help you win. Try to get your own move when joining this game. We keep updating the latest games on our website every day. You do not have to spend a lot of time searching and still be able to accomplish your tasks quickly. Be ready for the battle not won.


Share with your friends to see who will win the competition at the beginning of the game at http://frivclassic.net/. In addition, you can spend free time to join thousands of other exciting games on the website like UNO Online. Different games have the different play and unique content is difficult to repeat in other games. So, enjoy your adventure here. 

Instruction to play:

How to play:

Use your left mouse button and click on the location where you want your character to appear