Arcade Dart

One of the darts games that you cannot miss at kids games friv is Arcade Dart. If you've ever explored darts, you'll be amazed at the game. There are many different circles in the board and corresponding to each circle are some points that you need to reach. The closer your circle is, the higher your score will be. Therefore, take a great look at the shot and throw the darts according to your strength in this game.


The skills and experience of throwing darts will help you when participating in the game. Save some tips to guide other players or your friends so they can get the highest score. You have the opportunity to challenge yourself to join this special game today. Share the game with your friends and conquer the highest score with your darts talents. players to participate in the game without being bothered by the ad or load speed game.


You have the opportunity to play the game and get the highest score with your talent. If you throw darts in the center, the score you get is the highest. Other circles will have different points. The points in each of your throws will be summed up in that round.


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Instruction to play:

Controls game:

Press and hold the left mouse button to drag the dart and create the force until you hit the target to release the mouse