Forest Survival Simulator

It takes a lot of energy and intelligence to make out of the Forest Survival Simulator game alive! Are you ready for a fascinating shooting game that takes your surviving skills up to a notch? The game is designed with a first-person point of view to create a realistic feeling for our Friv players.

First, move around your area to get a glimpse of what the map looks like. Then, start the search for materials and resources which are helpful for you during the crafting process. Try your best to build all necessary stuff from those natural resources only. Be quick! If you can't build your defense line or base before the others attack, you will not survive another day. Don't forget to hunt for meat, leather, bones, and minerals to create new objects.

Since the not-so-friendly evil creatures are walking around your territory, you need to be careful whenever you go hunting or collecting. It's the ultimate test among the best survivals to find out whose name will top the chart at! The weapons that you can take advantage of vary from guns, rifles to the most basic knives and axes. Use the chosen one wisely or go to search for another suitable choice for yourself!

Our advice is that you should utilize any inventory that you have. When you have mastered this game, keep on having fun with more exploring-themed games like Ragdoll Randy and Island Survival Simulator

Instruction to play:

Use WASD to move

Mouse to shoot and build

Shift to run

Space to jump over items

E to grab the objects

TAB to check the inventory.