Island Survival Simulator

Island Survival Simulator brings a new game set with the toughest challenges that you might face on an abandoned island. The ultimate goal is to survive the obstacles from the wilderness and be the last player standing in this Friv simulation game! The first task that all players need to work on is the search for necessities such as food and water. Take a look at the whole map to notice the places that might have lakes or trees since it's crucial to gather food beforehand. Such a mission needs to be carried out during the day only.

The next task is to collect all the possible resources like stone, wood from the nearby forest and hill. The more you can gather the better. Bear in mind that the resources might not show up in clusters, instead, they might be scattered around the place. If your strategy involves using them to craft useful tools, this should be one of the most time-consuming processes in the game at for you. All of these should be done by sunset to avoid being attacked by wild animals at night.

Besides the elaborate gameplay, a variety of point of views and 3D graphics will create the most realistic experience for the fans of adventure games. Plenty of newly added options such as Let's Kill Jane The Killer and Ragdoll Randy also have the best features and characters, so check them out! 

Instruction to play:

Use WASD keys to move

Mouse cursor to attack and build infrastructure

Shift key to run

Spacebar to jump

E key for grabbing the items

Tab key to check the inventory.