Ghost City

The city of Ghost City at online friv games is filled with strange creatures that you need to destroy. This will be an unequal fight where you need to use different weapons to destroy them. Prepare for your battle by learning the instructions in detail. Then you can be ready to fight by fighting against the giant monsters.

This land is completely alien to you and you need to complete your missions with the most accurate shot. There are many weapons for you to choose to kill each type of monster. This fight requires you to have the basic skills and knowledge of each monster. The city needs your help to return to normal life. You can share this fighting game with your friends and find out the best fighting tips in this game at

We keep updating the games. The latest fighting with monsters appears so you can destroy them and save the city. Players around the world have the opportunity to play online games without being bothered by the ads or load speed of the game. You are ready to overcome all the challenges of this intense battle.

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Instruction to play:

Arrows or WASD: move,

Shift: run,

Move your mouse: aim,

The left mouse: shoot,

Scroll mouse and 1234567 to change the weapons,

I: choose weapon,

Space: jump,

The right mouse: zoom,

G: bomb,

L: lock mouse cursor

P: Pause